Michael WFBA
Michael van Beek
President & Founder

In the year of 2000, Michael visualized that he can make a difference with his talent in Freestyle Basketball. He graduated in 2005 with the degree for bank and insurance and decided to bring his freestyle skills to the entertainment industry, which he booked with success and still is. With nearly 10 years of experience in marketing & management, his banking and insurance college degree along with 13 year of stage show experience, he proudly founded the World Freestyle Basketball Association.

Galdino WFBA
Galdino Haimé
Treasurer & Co-Founder

In the year of 2002, Galdino used his national basketball experience to showcase his skills and talent in freestyle basketball. He graduated as a Bachelor of Commerce in 2006 and started his business career in the banking industry. During that time he was successfully giving showcases all over Europe and still is. His commercial background as an experienced commercial banker along with the stage show experience makes Galdino the Vice-President and Co-Founder of the WFBA.

Bavo Delbeke
Creative Manager

In the year of 2005, Bavo discovered freestyle basketball at the age of 12. Wanting to document his progress as a freestyler, he started making freestyle videos which he uploaded to the internet. Through this he developed a second passion; film making.  Known for his creative conceptual freestyle videos, Bavo managed to make a name for himself in the freestyle basketball scene.With performances all over Europe and classic freestyle basketball videos, he is a well-known figure in the freestyle community. In 2015, he also graduated in Business Translation. By offering his creativity and knowledge of video editing, he contributes to the WFBA as creative manager.

Yiwen Bao
Yiwen Bao
WFBA Reporter & Representative

In the year of 2003, AK started to develop his freestyle football tricks in China and by the years he mixed his freestyle football talent with freestyle basketball. Within those years he became a leader in China as well as for the freestyle football as for the freestyle basketball community. He graduated in Business English and Hospitality Management. He continued his career as a manager in the sport management industry for 4 years and still is. AK his determination is indescribable to create opportunities for Freestyle Basketball. His contribution and effort makes him the WFBA reporter of China.


Nargiza New
Nargiza Kakharmanova
WFBA Translator

Nargiza was born in Kazakhstan and moved to Turkey in 2004. Nargiza graduated from Hacettepe University of Turkey in 2012 in Interpreting and Translation.. She mastered the languages Russian, Turkish and English as well as verbally as grammatically when she worked as a translator at several international festivals that were held in several cities in Turkey. She met Michael during the Ankara Shopping Fest 2012 and now she is the WFBA Translator of Russia.

Lorenzo Pinciroli
Event Director/Host

Lorenzo Pinciroli is an one of kind on his own. The founder and owner of the world known Da Move crew from Milan, Italy he is one of the most known basketball freestyler in the community for 16 years and is still going strong. Lorenzo performed over 2000 live shows over the past 16 years international for events such as NBA Europe, Euroleague, FIBA 3×3 and much more. Throughout all the credits Lorenzo has earned he is the WFBA Event Director/Host.


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