Canada’s Basketball Freestyler ‘Rick Pidgeon’ by Hoops Hype Canada

Canada’s Basketball Freestyler ‘Rick Pidgeon’ by Hoops Hype Canada


Author Satbir Singh from Hoops Hype Canada wrote an article about Canadian basketball freestyler Rick Pidgeon.
Keep up the good work Rick!


Falling for the game of basketball in high school, Rick never let go of a ball. “I always had a ball with me,” said Rick. “The school, the mall and even graduation.”

That passion was never recognized by his High School coach. Rick was consistently one of the last cuts when trying-out in High School. In his eyes he was an extremely good defensive player, on the other hand his coach was more offensively minded. Rick was like every basketball player that was not as skilled as a future prospect. He was one of the hardest working players with great hustle. Rick just never became the point guard the High School coach was looking for. Ironically, Rick was a poor ball-handler, another reason he was cut in High School, but now ball-handling is a major reason for who he is.

Never getting discouraged and never losing the passion Rick become an innovator. An entrepreneur for the game of basketball.

Always having a ball in hand helped Rick improve his skills. He learned how to spin a basketball on his finger – something many people can do, but from there he grew. “I continued to learn more tricks; learned juggling, learned how to spin two, three, four (basketballs) at a time.”

Rick kept growing into what today’s basketball world would call a “basketball freestyler”………Read more


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