G-Han Bax



G-Han Bax


Mr. Bax



Date of Birth

March 10, 1997

Country of Birth



Cagayan de oro city

About Me

i am a musician, artist, science lover and an athlete, but the best thing that i do and what i love most is freestyle basketball. i use freestyle as a way to glorify my God– Jesus Christ, that i do everything for Him. i first played streetball until i found out about freestyle, and it was cool. i practice all the time and sometimes keeping me away from my studies, but i discipline myself to manage my time well. i was inspired by kamikaze, ishimos, my friend styla and a lot more. i am now making my style by researching and training, and i’m hoping for my break. i have performed in different events, and people seems to be amazed by the new talent that they have seen. in cdo, philippines, i am the first in here, i try to influence and find people. i chat with my crewmate styla, by the way our crew is named static pro,i also make connections with other freestylers via fb. i love freestyle and i am determined and passionate with it, to take it to the next level all for the glory of God.


english, filipino

Favorite Basketball

if i have tachikara then tachikara

Favorite Freestyler

Kamikaze, Ishimos, Tam, Bug, Nock, Vaggi, Smaill


Mechanical Engineering